Fees for Personal Injury Cases

Woodbridge Personal Injury Lawyer

D. Michael Mullori, Jr., Attorney at Law never charges victims for first consultations. Every initial visit is completely free, regardless of whether or not you decide to hire my firm. There is never any obligation to hire me following that initial consultation.

If you do decide to hire me, I will ask you to sign a retainer agreement that clearly explains the work I will do, how I will do it, and how I will get paid. Accident victims usually come to me, at least in part, out of concern for their finances. I know that getting hurt, incurring medical bills, missing work and losing your car usually won’t leave you in any position to pay me an hourly fee. So, instead of charging you by the hour, I always charge a contingency fee for representing personal injury victims.

A contingency fee is a fee that is based on the amount of money you collect from the claim. That means that I don’t get paid an attorney fee unless and until you either settle your case or win it in court. Instead of worrying about how much you are paying your lawyer, you can concentrate on your recovery and treatment.

Generally, my fee is one-third of the total recovery, although there are circumstances where either higher or lower contingency fees might be appropriate. Also, the law requires you to reimburse me for out-of pocket expenses. Whatever the amount, it will be explained to you in clear, concise terms before you hire my firm. You can be sure that I will work with you personally, and that only an experienced attorney will be making the decisions that ultimately lead to the conclusion of your case.

For traffic/misdemeanor criminal cases, my firm usually charges a flat fee. At the initial conference, fees will be discussed. If you decide to hire my firm, an agreement will have to be signed before work can begin. My firm differs from other law firms because I:

  • care about my clients
  • work and speak directly with each client
  • keep my caseload minimized so I can dedicate time to each case
  • have a plethora of trial experience in many jurisdictions

If you would like to learn more about fees during a free case evaluation, call (703) 490-5995.

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